SKU: TP315-101

  • HDMI over 2-conductor cable
  • Automatic input/receiver detection
  • HDMI resolutions 720p/1080p
  • Transmission up to 300 meters (depending on wire type)
  • IR pass-through control
  • Local monitor input
  • HDCP compliant
  • Fixed EDID

TP315-101 Overview

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The TP315-101 HDMI over AnyWire transmitter allows the transmission of 1080P HDMI signals up to 300 m using a simple 2-conductor cable. A single transmitter is capable of driving up to 4 receivers using either 4 individual wire pairs over 300m each, or by daisy chaining the receivers. The only restriction being the wire pair from the transmitter to each receiver cannot be bundled together, as crosstalk will occur.

The TP315-101 is an economical solution for many audiovisual installations. The 2-wire solution makes installation easy – without the need to cut and splice wires and install expensive connectors or purchase costly cables. Simply route your wires, cut and trim the installation, and connect to the terminals. That’s it!

The unique design of the AnyWire Transmitter provides stable video transmission over greater distances than other designs. IR pass-through for receiver side to transmitter side control is provided without corrupting the HDMI signal during transmission of IR signals.

Operation does not require any user control or interaction. Simply connect the HDMI input and the transmitter scans for the receiver and, when detected, automatically pairs to the receiver and begins video transmission.

A local video output is provided to support a local monitor. The local monitor allows the user on the transmitter side to know what is being presented on the far side of the installation.

Technical Specifications

TP315-101_generalspecsTP315-101_mechspecs TP315-101_electricspecs

Application Diagram


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