Tilt ‘N Plug Jr – Hybrid Analog & Digital Video Interconnect Box


TNP128 Overview

The TNP128 is a Tilt ‘N Plug Jr that supports analog (VGA) and digital (HDMI) connections on a single tabletop interconnect.  Additionally, the TNP128 offers stereo audio for the VGA device, network, and a power connection all in an attractive compact form factor.

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All Tilt’ N Plug Jr products belong to a family of compact interconnection solutions designed for installation into a table as part of a presentation system. They are designed for mounting into a table, podium, or other furniture to provide a way of connecting audiovisual equipment on top of the furniture to a presentation system below the furniture.


All use the same core element; a multimedia input plate that can be tilted open when needed and pushed closed when not needed.


All signals pass through the input plate directly to cables on the underside of the table with no intervening circuitry. The use of additional ALTINEX Signal Management Solutions such as computer video interfaces, distribution amplifiers, and switchers may be desirable.


The input plate of the Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. is accessible by pushing down on the top cover. The unit then auto-tilts open with help from an internal pneumatic spring. Once open, the input plate remains securely in place. The input plate is hidden by pressing down on the top cover until the latching mechanism engages. In its closed position, the top panel lies flush with the table’s top, held in place by the latching mechanism.


The TNP128 provides a single input plate with HDMI, VGA, Network (RJ-45 F-M), and Computer/MP3 audio (3.5 mm F-M) input connections in 6 ft (2m) lengths. It also provides an AC Power connection in 9-10 ft (2.7-3.0m) suitable for use throughout the U.S. and Canada.


All Tilt’ N Plug Jr. Signal Management Solutions come with a standard top and bezel offering a high quality matte black finish. The unit can also be customized with different connections and colors. To do so, click the link shown above.



ALTINEX products are protected by the following patents:

6802577, D437827, D556139, D457137, D466868, D455716, D455123, D454541, D449819

Technical Specifications



AC Power: (1) NEMA F-M, 110VAC, 60Hz, 5A, 9-10ft (2.7-3.0m) Single Outlet Panel Power Rating (pass-through AC power) : 110VAC, 60Hz, 12A per connector
Digital Audio & Video: (1) HDMI F-M, 6ft (2m)
VGA: (1) HD-15, F-M, 6ft (2m)
Network: (1) CAT-6 RJ-45 F-M, 6ft (2m)
Stereo Audio: (1) 3.5mm F-M, 6ft (2m)
UL Listed: File E254082



Max. Table thickness: 2.25in (57mm)


Height, opened: 5.50in (140mm) Mounting screws and brackets
Width: 4.60in (117mm) Cable clamps/screws
Depth: 4.90in (124mm)
Finish: Matte Black
T° Operating: 10°C-35°C
T° Maximum: 40°C
Weight (approx.): 2.8lb (1.3kg)
Shipping Weight: 4.5lb (2.0kg)
Humidity: 90% non-condensing


Application Diagram


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