• Compact
  • Easy to use; easy to maintain
  • Overload and current sensors
  • Sequential power shut-down
  • RS-232 control language
  • Power on/off detect
  • Takes 3 slots
  • Lifetime warranty

MT322-107 Overview

The MT322-107 is a 1-In, 3-Out AC Power Distribution Card for the Digital MultiTasker®.


The MT322-107 is a 1-In, 3-Out AC Power Distribution Card.

The MT322-107 distributes AC power from a single AC source to multiple AC outlets. These outlets can be connected to any type of audio/video equipment. The total current supplied to all outlets must be less than 10 A. Built-in sensors alert the user by flashing the LEDs when the load exceeds 8.5 A and a warning message is sent to the RS-232 bus when the current draw is near maximum.

When the equipment connected to the MT322-107 draws 9.5A or more for 3 s, the card will automatically start turning outlets off, starting with the highest outlet number first. A message informing the user that outputs are being shutdown will be sent to the RS-232 bus.

The MT322-107 is able to turn audio/video equipment on or off in a sequential order, which may be defined using RS-232 protocol commands. The time delay between switching is also programmable from 0-50 s.

The MT322-107 has built-in current measuring circuits to detect load levels. The value of these loads may be read over the RS-232 bus. The measurement is in amps and can monitor the load level on any or all outputs.

The threshold level for the on/off detect feature is adjustable to accommodate different loads and determine when AV equipment is on or off. This feature is especially important for DVD players or any other equipment that has only IR control capabilities.  Using this feature, the control system can determine if the device is on or off by the amount of current it draws.

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