SKU: MT312-104

  • 2 Bi-directional RS-232 ports
  • 2 IR ports
  • 2 relay ports
  • 2 sensor ports
  • Lifetime warranty

MT312-104 Overview

The Neutron MT312‑104 Controller is designed primarily for use with Altinex’s MultiTouch family of touch panels for use in boardrooms, lecture halls, residential control systems, etc. The Neutron is very robust, allowing great flexibility to control a wide variety of devices.


The Neutron allows control of serial and IR devices. Additionally, there are two relays and two sensor inputs. The relays can be used to control or power external equipment independently. The sensor inputs trigger events based on voltage levels supplied by motion sensors, heat sensors, light sensors, RF sensors, etc. The sensor connector also provides two voltages for powering external sensors; +12VDC and +24VDC.

The Neutron is capable of supplying information to MultiTouch panels (or other third party controllers) over the Ethernet. Simply connect to the MultiTasker enclosure’s IP address in order to check the status of the relays (opened or closed), the input status of the sensor inputs (high or low) based on trigger level, or request RS‑232 data from devices connected to the RS‑232 ports.

The controller can store IR codes in its internal memory for direct control of external IR devices, or an IR room receiver like the Altinex AC301‑103 can be used to pass‑through IR signals from remote controls to devices connected to one or both of the controller’s IR outputs.

MT312-104 Front Panel

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