SKU: HM200-150

  • Perfect for operating rooms
  • 8 inputs and 12 outputs
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference
  • Video conferencing for remote access
  • Ready to install out of the box

HM200-150 Overview

The HM200-150 is a fully digital Operation Room AV system designed to be deployed in any type of surgical environment and can be expanded to accommodate any number of displays and video sources.


The HM200-150 can accommodate 8 inputs and 12 outputs. Utilizing a high-resolution fiber technology, the HM200-150 is immune to any electromagnetic interference and can withstand operation in the presence of strong magnetic fields or electrical fields generated by cauterizing equipment. The fiber technology is simple to use and does not require filed installation of fiber connectors.


The HM200-150 utilizes Multitasker technology combined with advanced signal processing and a control system. The system is fully configured and ready to be installed out of the box. It comes with 1000 feet of fiber cable and all necessary HDMI interconnect cables.



Additional features of the HM200-150 include: a single quad splitter output to display 4 video signals at the same time, in addition to 7 more outputs for other displays; full integration of video conferencing equipment to provide easy remote access for consultations and sharing; and 4-way KVM switcher for controlling multiple computes with the same keyboard and mouse.


The HM200-150 is controlled by an included 10-inch touch pad and comes with default programming to provide a complete functionality. Additional changes can easily be made to accommodate any custom requirements. With unlimited room preset capabilities and full control over any equipment in the room, the HM200-150 provides a powerful and cost effective solution for any operating room environment.



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