Cable-Nook® Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box (Black)


CNK200 Overview

The CNK200 Cable-Nook provides a simple yet effective way of hiding and storing multimedia cables and fixed connectors. The cables remain connected to a presentation system, enabling the user easy access to them and for connection to video, audio, and other media sources needed.




Designed for boardrooms and conference rooms, the Modular Cable-Nook provides a simple, effective way of hiding or storing multimedia cables and connectors. The cables remain connected to a presentation system, enabling the user to access connections to video, audio, and other media sources.


The Modular Cable-Nook uses a trapdoor type, half-moon lid that remains flush with the table when not in use. To access the cables or connectors, simply lift the lid and pull the ends out, or plug cables into any installed fixed connectors. The lid closes easily even with several cables in use. After the presentation, the cable ends are returned to the Cable-Nook for safe storage.


Cables feed through the Cable-Nook to the underside of the table, enabling connection to the presentation system. The weight of the cables helps to feed the slack through the unit and the cable ends are kept from falling by a special adjustable retaining bracket. The bracket uses rounded edges to prevent kinking and is adjustable to both height and depth.


A variety of accessories is available for the Modular Cable-Nook, including power outlets, fixed connectors, and snap-in port panels.


Also available with a clear brushed (“Silver”) aluminum finish as the CNK200S.



For a smaller, compact version check out the Cable-Nook Jr.® CNK221. Available in black and silver.


Also available is our full range of retractable cables designed specifically for the Cable-Nook® and Cable-Nook Jr.®


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Important: The CNK200 comes as an empty box; accessories must be ordered separately to provide a complete solution. 23 slots are available for accessories.


This product is protected by the D465201 patent

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