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AC301-201 Overview

The AC301-201 allows IP control of RS-232 (serial) specific devices.


The AC301-201 provides a method for communicating with a MultiTasker system or other RS-232 serial device over an existing local area network (LAN). The IP address (Internet Protocol address) may be set automatically or assigned manually during the initial installation.


The AC301-201 is compact and easy to use. It offers a male DB9 RS-232 serial input connection and a female RJ-45 network connection. Additional features include an adjustable baud rate and built-in ESD protection.


*The AC301-201 receives power from the MultiTasker enclosure. If the AC301-201 is used to communicate with a different device, it must be powered using an external adapter.


**The MultiTasker enclosure provides power to the AC301-201 through the DB9 connector.  If using a cable between the AC301-201 and the MultiTasker, make sure that pin 9 has a conductor present.

Technical Specifications

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