SKU: AC301-106

  • Senses when power is applied to electronic equipment
  • Built-in relay shuts down and powers up equipment
  • RS-232 controlled
  • Compatible with most 3rd party control systems
  • Three (3) year warranty

This product has been retired.
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AC301-106 Overview

The AC301-106 senses the current draw on the AC line and produces a DC level based upon that current load.  In addition to sensing current loads, the AC301-106 has a relay that can turn on and off power to the inline device.


The AC301-102 and AC301-106 are power sensors and controllers.


As a Power Sensor, the AC301-102 and AC301-106 constantly “sense” the power draw on an AC device. Delivering a relative DC voltage for AC amps drawn through the device, these sensitive sensors can tell when IR-controlled projectors, DVDs, and VCRs, are turned on or off.


As a Power Controller, the AC301-102 and AC301-106 have a large load capacity relay that can turn on and off electronics. Often used in environmentally sensitive rooms, these power controllers combined with a proximity sensor (AC301-101), can be used to turn on and off equipment when the presentation system is not in use, saving power and prolonging the life of certain devices.

Technical Specifications

Application Diagram



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