SKU: AC301-103

  • Exceptional 35-40′ range and 130° acceptance angle
  • Elegant appearance with pin-light LED
  • Low noise, reliable surface mount technology
  • High quality brand name components for long life
  • Advanced design suppresses noise and yields reliable IR data transmissions
  • Auto gain control for uniform room sensitivity at any wiring distance
  • Terminal block connector easily accepts any wire up to 16 AWG
  • Pin-light LED for signal confirmation and troubleshooting
  • Uses just 1/2″ J-box depth (need extra space for wires… this is your repeater)
  • Decora trim, both white & ivory insert included
  • Designed with the professional installer in mind

AC301-103 Overview

The AC301-103 is a white, wall mounted, single-gang Decora-style IR repeater that supports distances up to 30 feet at 130 degree angle.


Infrared repeaters need to be easily accessible and convenient for users. An easy to “hit” location, near the TV/Monitor is a good place to install the IR repeater. IR repeaters work best when the remote control signal travels 30 feet or less.

The AC301-103 is designed to be mounted in-wall. This can be done using any standard electrical box or P-ring. The AC301-103’s slim-mount design affords plenty of extra wiring space which can be helpful when mounting multiple devices in one electrical box. For best appearance mount the AC301-103 the same height as the locations in-wall lighting switches.

The AC301-103 is designed to be mounted in a 1/2 inch diameter hole. The AC301-103 can be mounted in a cabinet, wall, ceiling, speaker, or directly in the equipment rack. Mounting choices are limited only by the installers creativity. For best appearance use the lens (two supplied) that blends best with the mounting location.

Wiring Recommendations
Infrared remote control signals are similar to digital communications signals. A low capacitance communications cable (< 20 pF/ft.) is a good choice for this application. Unshielded cable will work in all but the noisiest environments, very rarely is a shielded cable required.

Most installers use standard CAT5 computer network cable. Prewired locations often come with CAT5 runs installed to most areas. CAT5 is an excellent choice for IR control system wiring.

CAT5 has four twisted pairs, use one twisted pair for each of the three connections (V+, GND, and SIG) if possible. This method allows repeater runs to 1,000 feet and adds reliability to the connections. Single wire connections can be made if required, this method allows repeater runs in excess of 500 feet.

Never install low voltage devices, such as infrared repeaters, inside electrical boxes containing high voltage wiring. Run infrared control system wiring at least 1 foot away from high voltage lines, telephone lines, and speaker wires, this can reduce noise interference. Most low voltage devices can be installed close together with no adverse effects.

Multiple IR repeaters can be installed using either home run wiring or daisy chain wiring. Home run wiring is generally preferred because it is more reliable, easier to troubleshoot, and easier to modify during system upgrades.



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