Connecting laptops to large screen displays.
Altinex's Connectivity products allow users to connect to the audio-visual multimedia experience. Popular solutions include tilt-up (Tilt-N-Plug) and pop-up (Pop-N-Plug) furniture.
  • Tilt 'N Plug

    Tilt-Up style audio-visual connection points for furniture Tilt' N Plug products are installed into a table as part of an audio visual system. They can be mounted into a table, podium, or other furniture to provide a simple way of connecting laptops to a large screen display or projector. The TNP units can be tilted open when needed and pushed closed when not. All video signals pass through the input plate directly to the underside of the table. Many custom snap-in assemblies are available to adjust functionality to fit any requirement. Products
  • Pop 'N Plug

    Pop-up style interconnect box with front and back connection points The Pop 'N Plug line of interconnects can "pop-up" into a raised position to provide access to connectors, or it can be lowered into a table when not in use. Pop 'N Plug interconnect boxes use a tower-type construction with a gas spring for smooth and comfortable operation. Many Pop 'N Plugs have two surfaces on either side of the unit, servicing both sides of a table. Optional sectional plates are available with many custom snap-in assemblies. Products
  • Cable Nooks

    Modular tabletop interconnect box

    Designed for boardrooms and conference rooms, the modular Cable-Nook provides a simple and effective way of hiding/storing multimedia cables and connectors. The cables remain connected to a presentation system enabling the user to access connections to video, audio, and other media sources. The modular Cable-Nook uses a half-moon lid that remains flush with the table when not in use. To access the cables or connectors, simply lift the door and pull the cable ends out, or plug computer video cables into any installed fixed connectors. The lid closes easily even with several cables in use. After the presentation, the cable ends are returned to the Cable-Nook for safe storage.

  • Under Table

    Audio-visual connections hidden under the table, desk, or podium.

    These solutions are essential when AV connectivity needs to be hidden or clear of the work surface. These products offer another viable option when the tabletop surface cannot be cut for in-table solutions like the Tilt-N-Plug or Pop-N-Plug solutions.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for AV connectivity.

    Altinex accessories for AV connections on a flat surface.

  • Snap-Ins

    Snap-in connector for Table Top units
    Many different snap-ins are available for Altinex table top units. If you do not see what you need, give us a call. We can install any keystone connector and can also custom build face-plate to accommodate your needs. Products